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Bobby Chacko, EMBA (Fin), CMA

First of all Thanking God for helping me clear CMA exams. When I came to the Emerge office for the first time, I was not very sure about pursuing CMA. Thank you Hari Sir, Madam, Emerge Staff and my colleagues who encouraged me to this interim goal…

There are many institutes which offer such classes. All can only provide an atmosphere and the means to achieve Students educational goals. But one has to decide and take the plunge themselves. What is most striking and different about Emerge is the method recommended by Hari Sir for approaching CMA studies. If a student follows the method, there is no way he / she cannot clear the exam, provided enough work is done by themselves. The Staff of Emerge is also willing to stand by and help as and when required.

All the best to Team Emerge and all Emerge students who continue to pursue their educational and professional dreams…

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