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fnf dubai courses
"Improve performance by better understanding of business with basic finance skills"
• To understand the role of Financial Statements in business and Economy
• To measure the business performance for effective management of resources
• To know the cost components and its behavior to have a better financial planning and monitoring
• To use management accounting technique for better management decision
• To understand changing business environment
Course Overview

In new emerging business world, managerial performance is measured by how effectively they achieve their budgets. To be a successful non-financial manager, one needs to have an understanding of basic and concepts of finance & accounts, budgets and business performance measurement. This course will enable the non financial managers to use the financial and accounting concepts as decision-making tools and apply them in order to improve budget management, analyze the available business alternatives to select a best option, and assess the financial viability of projects.

Course Content
About financial statements
• What are the financial statements?
• How are they prepared?
• Who uses them?
• Ethics
How to assess the business performance
• Liquidity and Efficiency
• Solvency
• Profitability and Leverage
• Market Ratio
How to use costing to make business decision
• Cost behavior
• Cost techniques as tools for management process
Budgeting & Performance Measurement – to steer business
• Operational budget
• Financial budgets
• Standard costing
• Exceptional reporting
Changing business environment
• Introduction to SOX
• Internal Control Management Responsibilities
Who should Join?
• Non Financial and Accounting Managers
Mode of Delivery Seminar Module
Review Module
• 6 days (3 hours each)
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Seminar Module
3 days (6 hours each)
* On-demand basis
• Day: Saturday
• Venue: EMERGE Training Facility
This course can be specially structured & delivered to companies